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Sorted by Posting Order(Sort by Painting Title)

Painting TitleThumbnailMediumSizeDateNotesPriceStatus
The Perfect Marriageoil on canvas48 x 422015$2000
Tour de Zèdeoil on canvas16 x 202013$900
Cat and Mouseoil on canvas16 x 202013$900
Day of the Deadoil on canvas18 x 242013$1000
Alphonse and Gastonoil on canvas16 x 202013$900
Taking After Fatheroil on canvas16 x 202013$900
The Bird Maidenoil on canvas16 x 202013$900
Cat's Cradleoil on canvas11 x 142007$500
Targetoil on canvas20 x 162013$900
Rebusoil on canvas16 x 202013$800
Fruit Goddessoil on canvas16 x 202011$900
Interioroil on canvas16 x 202011$900
Modern Timesoil on canvas20 x 162011Juried$900
Elephant Hatoil on canvas18 x 242011$900
Magic Trickoil on canvas16 x 202011$900
The Embraceoil on canvas18 x 242011$900
The Farceoil on canvas18 x 242011$900
Circusoil on canvas20 x 251992Comm'd$750Sold
Snake Charmeroil on canvas16 x 202011$900Sold
Carnival Tigeroil on canvas18 x 242011Pub'd$900
Ham and Eggsoil on canvas10 x 102010Pub'd$150 eachSold
Prop Masteroil on canvas20 x 162010Juried$900
Everyone is Left-handedoil on canvas20 x 162010$900Sold
Black Stockingsoil on canvas20 x 162010Juried$900
Summer Arcadeoil on canvas11 x 142005$400
The Familyoil on canvas20 x 162010$900
Double Takeoil on canvas20 x 162010$900
Triooil on canvas20 x 162010Juried$900
Night Beachoil on canvas11 x 142006$500
Cactus Floweroil on canvas20 x 162009$900
Perishables and Tangiblesoil on canvas20 x 162009$900Sold
The Unspeakable Space Between Usoil on canvas20 x 162009$900
Balanceoil on canvas20 x 162008$900Sold
Dream With Blue Glovesoil on canvas11 x 142005$400
Baroqueoil on canvas20 x 162008$900Sold
Blind Dateoil on canvas11 x 142008Pub'd$500Sold
Cup of Coffeeoil on canvas11 x 142007Pub'd$500
Sisterhoodoil on canvas11 x 142008$450Sold
Ouijaoil on canvas11 x 142007$400Sold
The Boudoiroil on canvas11 x 142008$500
Accompanimentoil on canvas11 x 142008$450
Leafoil on canvas8 x 102007$300
The Hairdresseroil on canvas11 x 142008$500
Reflectionoil on canvas11 x 142008$500
Theatricsoil on canvas11 x 142007Juried$500
Robot With Green Balloil on canvas11 x 142008$450
Stage of Indecisionoil on canvas20 x 162007$750
Musiciansoil on canvas11 x 142007$500Sold
Made For Each Otheroil on canvas11 x 142006$500Sold
Yellow Beach Balloil on canvas11 x 142004$400Sold
The Napoil on canvas11 x 142007$450
Dreameroil on canvas11 x 142007$400Sold
A Good Bookoil on canvas11 x 142007$500
Triangleoil on canvas11 x 142007$400
Dance With Serpentoil on canvas11 x 142007$450
Umbrella Partnersoil on canvas11 x 142007$450
Serenadeoil on canvas11 x 142007$450Sold