Notes by Bill Calhoun

May 13, 2012

Nin Andrews

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Over the last few years, the poet Nin Andrews has been writing prose poems inspired by Emily's paintings.  Some of these poems have been published in literary magazines (see below for links).  This collaboration has been very exciting and rewarding for Emily.

Nin just recently published some of these poems on her blog, accompanied by Emily's paintings.  She may publish more in the future, so stay tuned!

UPDATE:  As of 5/27 Nin has posted over twenty of these painting-poems!

Emily is amazing. She has this ability to paint what is inside the psyche.  I always feel as if I have a museum of my past, a kind of hallway of pictures that frame various moods, relationships, moments.  And Emily is the painter of what is on display there.
-Nin Andrews

Here's Nin's official website:

The publications:
Crab Creek Review
Barn Owl Review
Fail Better
La Petite Zine

By the way, you can click on the image to the left to read five of the poems.  The link will take you to Picasa.  Once there, you'll see a small version of the image.  Click on the little magnifying glass with the plus sign, then you can enlarge the image enough to read it.