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March 23, 2013

The Circus of Lost Dreams

Emily and Nin have a book!  It is titled The Circus of Lost Dreams.  Actually, what they have is an interactive digital chapbook.  The chapbook was published by Didi Menendez, the publisher of PoetsArtists, and it features 30 poems by Nin Andrews, all paired with Emily's paintings.  It's available as a very cool interactive iBook via iTunes.

The iBook can be viewed on iPads and iPhones - it has audio and video as well as text and images.  It's available for free, from this link, or just click on the image below.

The Circus of Lost Dreams In The Circus of Lost Dreams, Nin Andrews and Emily Lisker become a magical duet.  The two share an insatiable, tender, and wry imagination.  Their poems and paintings together are profound in their insights regarding power, male/female relationships, and spirituality.
- Denise Duhamel

Just finished Nin Andrews new poetry/prose collection "The Circus of Lost Dreams".  Andrews has imagined and developed a make-believe island and a personal history that echoes the wild, bizarre, and heightened sexuality of our dreams, yet at the same time never divorces us from the weight of the real world (with all of its human failings and problems) in which we daily walk and breathe.  These fable-like tales are full of the enchantments of magic, empowerment, humour, wisdom, and lyrical language.  Utterly engaging, fantastical, and at times breathtaking, "Circus of Lost Dreams" is a delight.
- Michael Parker

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