Notes by Bill Calhoun

June 27, 2013

Day of the Dead

Click for Larger ViewEmily has always loved the imagery from the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations.  This painting is based on a tiny woodcut that Emily had pinned up for years on the wall of ephemera in her studio.

If they weren't sitting, this handsome couple would qualify as a classic Emily pas de deux.

Day of the Dead, 2013, oil on canvas, 18" x 24"


Suzy Merriam said...

I love the man's showy hand, the woman's draped hand, the lips versus the teeth, the cat is not looking at the dog either, the sensual pattern on the dress (wow), her head just barely propped on her neck (wow), his scary eyes,her concerned eyes, her black shadow arm of strength and truth, his dominant black hat and black shoes stepping on the green ribbon that connects them together. Fear and loathing couched in subservience and power but that is not the whole story of her strong black arm. Keep painting Emily! It keeps me going. Love Sooze

Urban Mermaid said...

Thank you so much, Suzy!

Unknown said...

Wonderful painting, Emily. Deceptively simple, but as Suzy pointed out, a lot going on there.