Notes by Bill Calhoun

February 05, 2013

More on the Nin Andrews/Emily Lisker Collaboration

The pairing of Emily's paintings with the poems of Nin Andrews continues! 

Just recently, an online journal called MiPOesias published a video of Nin reading her poem The Art of Drinking Tea against a moving backdrop of Emily's painting Cup of Coffee.  You can view the video here, or click on the image below.

The Art of Drinking Tea Some Stories Are True That Never HappenedThis past fall, the poet and writer Erika Lutzner edited and published an anthology called Some Stories Are True That Never Happened.  It features five of Emily's paintings paired with Nin's poems.  You can look at a preview of the book here (or click on the image to the left) and see the first three.  You can also purchase the anthology.

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